Books on the Fatima Apparitions and Message

The following books are excellent and are the basics on the Apparitions and the Message (there are several other worthy books written on the history of the Apparitions and placing them in an historical and religious/spiritual context, I won’t bother with them here as they may be out-of-print.) The links are to where you can purchase them from the World Apostolate of Fatima’s online giftshop. I DO NOT get a ‘cut’ of the proceeds, I’m merely posting the direct link as a convenience. You should be able to get them in most Catholic bookstores of other online shops.

Fatima In Lucia’s Own Words I (The first four memoirs of Sr. Lucia, the only seer to survive the Apparition era.)

Fatima In Lucia’s Own Words II (The last two memoirs of Sr. Lucia.)

“Calls” From The Message Of Fatima (In which Sr. Lucia answers many of the most recurring questions asked of her about the Apparitions and the Message. THIS BOOK IS INVALUABLE AS A MEANS OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH. I thought I had read it previously, right after completing her memoir volumes, to my great surprise I found out that I hadn’t. I am reading it now! I am finding it an excellent primer of growing in holiness! Sr. Lucia relies heavily on Scripture, so your Biblical knowledge should improve, too!)

Fatima For Today (One of the best and most recent introductory books on the Apparitions and Message. Fr. Apostoli also covers those pesky controversies and puts them to rest. I agree with his positions.)

WAF Spiritual Guide (World Apostolate of Fatima-USA, “Spiritual Guide.” An excellent compendium of all of their pamphlets and booklets in one handy volume. A wealth of information on living the Message.)

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