blogging disappearance

For a variety of reasons I took an unplanned and unintended vacation from blogging here. It’s been over 5 weeks since my last post, that one on “Should a Catholic attend AA meetings? I heard they’re bad…”. I just approved a few comments, so if you had written one, sorry it took so long to get a round tuit.

No big reasons for the disappearance, apart from a desire to distance myself from online life (which I should not afflict this blog with) and I have been rereading the classic book “Mystical City of God,” by the Venerable Mary of Agreda. There have been other books to that I’m reading. A heat wave a few weeks ago also sapped energy and desire. Not a great excuse, but that’s what I’m running with now. (St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe would be extrememly unhappy with me, if I was one of his friars.)

Expect a few posts soon. (Maybe today!)

Know someone, perhaps yourself, who might like Catholic devotionals for alcoholics? Please take a look at my books! "The Stations of the Cross for Alcoholics" and "The Recovery Rosary: Reflections for Alcoholics and Addicts" (Thank you!!)

Go outside to get outside! Sometimes I hang out with this permaculture community.


  1. Everybody needs a break sometimes…especially from online life. An explanation isn’t always necessary. 🙂 I hope the break was refreshing for you; body, mind, and spirit. Welcome back.

  2. I read in another post (Which I was unable to comment on) that in addition to a Jesuit helping construct the 12 Steps, that the Society of Jesus had since then ceased being Catholic. Could you expound on this? I am legitimately curious as to what has transpired within the Jesuits from the days of Crazy Bill until now which has resulted in their jested lack of Catholicity

    • Over the past number of years, especially since the Second Vatican Council, they have tended towrds dissenting positions (teachings at variance with orthodox Catholic doctrines.)

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