Catholic Recovery subreddit

I love Reddit. Reddit is the self-described “front page of the Internet” and is the result of a massive grouping of forums, called ‘subreddits’ or just plain ‘subs,’ that are created by the online community. You name it, there’s a sub for it. Some are obviously more popular than others; one thing I love about Reddit is the vast array of diverse subs, including some obscure niche interests.

There are quite a lot of Catholic subreddits on there. One of the newest is the Catholic Recovery subreddit. Yes, you heard that right, there is an entire sub devoted for us Catholics recovering from something! Here is their Group description:

“For Roman or Eastern Catholics struggling with mental health issues mild or severe, trauma, addiction of any kind, loss/grief, depression, spiritual malady, sin, scrupulosity, et cetera. We recognize the importance of spiritual redemption in recovery, the incredible framework of the Catholic faith in healing, and the miraculous power of the Eucharist as a “divine medicine” of God. Many of us sometimes cannot share with our parish these topics due to common societal stigma, so here we are.”

The minute I found out about it, I joined so fast Einstein might have had to revise his theory of relativity, had he known. I do not have anything to do with the running of the sub, I’m just a grateful and happy member.

Reddit has ‘social networking” functions. Although you cannot ‘friend’ anyone, you can ‘follow’ them. My Reddit account is Paulcoholic on Reddit.

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