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I won’t bother going into details, but Facebook (perhaps you’ve heard of it) has been getting into trouble recently. Actually, for a number of years there have been controversies about the place. People have been trying to discover and develop alternatives to it for almost as long as there have been issues. Google came close with Google+, but apparently it hasn’t been the “Facebook killer” it was touted to be (and there is reason to think that it wasn’t intended to actually “knock off” Facebook, but the tech press is as believable as any other.)

But now, with recent allegations of privacy and trust breaches, there may be a tide of members emigrating from Facebook to a rival. Enter MeWe, a social network that’s actually been around for about four years, but until now been populated mostly by “early adopters” (techie people who try new things before anyone else) and segments of the population that have been targeted by Facebook for various offensive behaviours (gun enthusiasts, anti-vaccination advocates, and privacy-conscious folks amongst others.)

MeWe touts itself as a “privacy-focused” network, where there are no ads, no tracking and no BS. (I wonder why they don’t like people with Bachelor of Science degrees. Oh, well, to each their own.) In short, they’ve set themselves up as a counter to Facebook. If you’re used to Facebook, it may take a little getting used to the different site navigation, but it is learn-able if you have a little patience and just click on things to see what happens. There are also help Groups for people with questions.

I joined MeWe about three years ago but never really did much with it as I tolerated the recurring issues with Facebook. Besides, everyone I know is on there, and there are a number of Groups that are informative for my interests. My activity came and went, depending upon how often Mike, of the What Does Mike Think? blog hassles me to get over there. 😉

But what was a trickle of memberships is apparently turning into a gusher. At least based upon the number of my Facebook friends who have made the move. And so I have been spending quite a bit of time these past few days on MeWe, hunting down people I know and exploring Groups. One reason why I’ve not blogged these past several days, despite intending to. 🙁

SO here is your invitation to connect with me on MeWe! Here is the link to my profile on MeWe.

MeWe doesn’t support Pages like Facebook and Google+, so this blog doesn’t have a dedicated account there. I might create another MeWe account, just for Sober Catholic. If/when I do, there will be a post about it.

I hope to see you there!

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