Turning your ear to wisdom

Today’s “Daily Wisdom Dose” involves an act of humility, that of turning to another person and listening to their words and commands:

Proverbs 2:1-2

My son, if you receive my words and treasure my commands,
Turning your ear to wisdom, inclining your heart to understanding…

Such a person must command respect and legitimate authority if he expects another to accept their advice and to listen with one’s heart (“incline your heart to understanding”).

We alcoholics have proudly felt that we knew what was best for ourselves, and for others. Our alcoholism fueled a fantasy life in which we rewrote the day’s events, blotting out failures and setbacks. We swelled up in our own puffery, oblivious to our impending demise.

Now, in our sobriety, no matter how long it has been, do we have the humility to acknowledge that we don’t know everything? Do we have the humility to seek out people with greater knowledge of sober living, greater knowledge of the Catholic Faith, and struggle, despite how difficult, to live by that knowledge? Or are we are own self-declared and self-styled Pope or Bishop? We declare that we know better and will live by our own guidance and judgement.

True humility enables us to recieve true wisdom. Whether it is insight inspired by prayer and Scriptural readings, or insight learned from another, wiser person, humility enables us to get ourselves out of the way, and receive what we need to learn and know.

Incline your heart to understanding, listen to the wisdom with your reason, to intellectually grasp what is being said, and listen to the wisdom with your heart, to absorb the meanings of what is said. Do not fear being changed.

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