About me

I am a sober alcoholic and revert to the Church who found continued sobriety and serenity in the Faith. Now engaging the Web to “Seek first the Kingdom of God” through “new media” applications. Just click on the highlighted or glowy text to take you to the page. (You may be surprised as to how many people aren’t aware of those being links to other webpages.)

My drunkalogue is here: Drunkalogue

My reversion story (how I returned to the Faith) is here: Reversion story

You can email me here: sobercatholic at gmail dot com, or paulcoholic at gmail dot com.

For recovery socializing, I’m: In The Rooms.

On Facebook, this blog has a Page, found here: Sober Catholic Blog Page on Facebook.  I obviously have a personal account there in order to manage the Page, but unless you are seriously interested in interacting with me, do not send me a Friend request; I eventually delete contacts with whom I’ve never or rarely interacted with. I rarely post alcoholism and addiction recovery stuff on my personal account, I reserve that material for the Blog Page. But if you think you’d like to connect with me there, my personal account is: My Facebook.

My Twitter, although my use of it is mostly just to syndicate Sober Catholic. I don’t often interact with people there: Sobercatholic on Twitter 

While not technically a social network, I am on Reddit. There’s a good Catholic Recovery community on there. I didn’t create it, I’m just a happy member.

Go outside to get outside! Sometimes I hang out with this permaculture community. This is my permies goofball profile: Paul Sofranko on Permies.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn!

I’m on Goodreads

Some find me Pinteresting…

These next one is the leading ‘Facebook alternative.’ I’m on it, but don’t use it as much as Facebook, but ‘just in case something happens’ and Facebook is no longer a viable option for social networking, you can find me on MeWe.

I am not interested in joining other social networks. Gab and Parler are not for me, the “Fediverse” is an interesting concept (look it up, if you must) but after experimenting with Mastodon and Diaspora, meh.

Please also read the “About this blog” section.