About this blog

I started Sober Catholic back in 2007 after I had unsuccessfully searched all over for a blog or discussion site that focused on alcoholism and sobriety/recovery from a Catholic perspective.  There were a few static sites for Calix and Matt Talbot, but nothing that was interactive or community-based. There were (and are) nearly countless non-Catholic Christian sites out there, but they did not satisfy this sober Catholic. And so basically I started this place a few months after I bought my Mac. I created what I was looking for from 2002 onward, and that is a site that discussed how the Catholic Church, with Her rich traditions of Saints and miracles, and especially with Her Sacraments such as the Holy Eucharist and Confession, can help you maintain your sobriety.

I will get into my personal life, inasmuch as how I use my Catholic Faith and my relationship with Jesus in my daily “taking up of the Cross.” It wasn’t this way during the first few years of writing this blog. I had thought my daily struggles and personal stuff weren’t that interesting. But perhaps a personal touch may help illustrate the effectiveness of Faith.

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