New Matt Talbot site!

There is a new site, actually a blog, dedicated to Matt Talbot. A Sober Catholic reader is the creator of the site, called “The Venerable Matt Talbot Resource Center”, and it can be found here:

Matt Talbot was an Irishman and alcoholic who died in 1925. He will probably be the Patron Saint of Alcoholics if he ever gets around to being canonized by the Church. He was declared “Venerable” in 1975, meaning his life is worthy of study and emulation. All he needs are two miracles attributed to his intercession and canonization is a done deal.

Go to this site, I highly recommend it. Online Catholic resources for alcoholics are few (which is why I started Sober Catholic) and Matt Talbot is a sure guide and model for us Catholic alcoholics and this new site fills a void. I have also added the link in my sidebar.

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