New gadget added for socializing, sharing and chatting

I have just installed a fun new tool to this blog, the “Wibiya Web Toolbar.”

It is an interactive toolbar draped across the bottom if this blog. Right now I have customized it with only a few features, but will add more once I explore the Wibiya site.

Right now, the basics are included. There is a translation app, plus search and share features (so you can share on Facebook, Twitter and such blog posts you might like.)

There is also a CHAT FEATURE! Yes, you can log in using your Facebook, Twitter or tinychat ID and chat with me or any other reader who is logged in! I recommend a Twitter login, as this is a blog mostly about recovery, Twitter allows anonymous user names. A Twitter login ID might be useful as more and more sites will be integrating with Twitter for logins. So even if you don’t “Tweet”, a Twitter login ID might come in handy. And based on what I’ve gleaned so far from the Wibiya site, you can Tweet from my blog so it might be an interesting way to communicate with other readers (aside from the chat feature).

Wibiya can be found by clicking on this link: Wibiya It also happens to be an Israeli invention. Israelis invent cool and useful things: the remote car starter for one, and the car windshield sunshade for another. I’ve never used either, but living in the American Snowbelt, have considered the remote car starter.

One thing to note: I did have trouble installing it using the Firefox browser. Perhaps my privacy and security settings and add-ons interfered. I was successful by installing it using the Opera browser. It does work in Firefox, afterwards.

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