The Mystical “Magical” “Real-life Sci-fi” Mysteries of the Catholic Mass

A good online friend of mine has an incredible and I think potentially very useful project from an educational perspective.

His name is Bryan Bustard and his project is a series of paintings on The Mystical “Magical” “Real-life Sci-fi” Mysteries of the Catholic Mass

Most Catholics do not understand exactly what the Mass is. It is not simply yet another “worship service” like the Protestants have. The Mass is a union of Heaven and Earth, where the Last Supper is presented again and the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary is ongoing, from across time and space. There is only “one sacrifice”, and Jesus did it, but it is continued from 2,000 years ago at every Catholic Mass.

When you are at a Catholic Mass, it is as if you are present at the Last Supper and are at the foot of the Cross with Mary, the Mother of Jesus and the others.

Bryan’s artistic endeavor attempts to, well, illustrate this reality through a series of paintings. He needs funding to do this and to that end is requesting donations through the Kickstarter Project. Kickstarter is a way form people to obtain funding and patronage for the works.

Bryan has about 17 days left to raise the money needed and has a long ways to go to accomplish this. Hence, I am blogging about the project here and am asking that you take a look at the site: The Mystical “Magical” “Real-life Sci-fi” Mysteries of the Catholic Mass and please consider contributing.

This may be the first of a series of posts on Catholic art. Art, either the creation or appreciation of, is to me a form of spiritual development as good art takes you outside yourself and connects you to God.

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