A Catholic New Media Advent- the Catholic Roundup Podcast

It’s now “Official”, the Catholic New Media Advent Calendar has been announced on the project’s home page here—> A Catholic New Media Advent- Catholic Roundup Podcast 87

(Via Catholic Roundup.)

Click on the link and download the podcast into iTunes or whatever you listen to podcasts on. You can also play it in your browser by going to the “Recent Episodes” box along the right-hand side and click on the “Podcast 87” thingy scrolling along. Just remember to plug in your headset.

Your’s truly was mentioned, as I am assisting him a bit, but that is unimportant 😉

It isn’t too late to get involved. You can email Sean through his blog (or me through this one) and we can set you up with what you need to know and do.

During the podcast Sean brings up a interesting point about those of us who write blogs or record podcasts. For the most part, we do this alone. It is not as if there is an office building where we arrive at daily, sit at our desks and post to our sites. We do this at home. There is a sense of loneliness and isolation due to the obvious disconnection from our readers and listeners. I write a blogpost and you might be reading it years later and thousands of miles away. And I do not know what you look like or sound like. We will probably never meet. And sometimes it’s a wonder if anyone is out there.

There are sites like “St. Blog’s Parish” and “Amateur Catholic- The ‘B’-Team”, but they’re hardly interactive. There has been only recently conventions of bloggers and podcasters, but that costs money to travel to and stay at unless one is held in a city near you.

What am I getting at? Projects like Sean’s New Media Advent Calendar are events that enables us to work together. It brings us closer inasmuch as we become aware of each other’s existence and work. The attention and traffic that it might bring to our online endeavors is important, too. But in working together and reading or viewing each other’s contributions gives us a sense that there is a community of Catholic New Media people out there and we are a part of something wonderful.

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