Catholics Recovering for Christ on Facebook

As many readers know, there is a Catholic social network entitled “Recovery for Christ” found here: It is a successor to a previous network: “Catholic Recovery” (or Catholics in Recovery”, the original name.)

The network had Facebook components, which are undergoing changes. Here is a copy of an email I sent to all Facebook Group members, a copy of which is also on the Group’s sister Page:

“Apparently Facebook is going to archive all Groups created under the old Group format.

There has been a request that I update this Group to accommodate this new format. I am not going to do that for a few reasons, namely:

This Group, as well as the Page of the same name was basically just an “advertisement” for the organization’s non-Facebook website. I had hoped that Facebookers who are in need of the resources will find the Group and Page, and eventually migrate to the main website. This hasn’t happened all that much, but that isn’t important right now.

Since Facebook is changing Groups, I am availing myself of the opportunity to revamp the whole project. I took the liberty of creating a new Group and new Page, both reflecting the main website’s new name, which went from being called “Catholic Recovery” to “Recovery for Christ” in July 2010. It also moved to a new web address at the time (more on that, later.)

Hence, this Group and the accompanying Page are now also called “Recovery for Christ.”

The new “Recovery for Christ” Group is secret, meaning that no one can see who is a member and what goes on in it. (I am not even sure if it can be found in a Facebook search.) Therefore members can freely post without worrying what their other Facebook Friends will think. I created it that way for the traditional anonymity concerns and perhaps so more people will use it.

The “Recovery for Christ” Page is open, meaning anyone can see who’s there and what is being posted. The Page is basically just a calling card for, and informational posts about, the main website. The Page is also (this is the important thing) a portal to the new secret Group. Facebookers can find the Page, see that a secret Group exists, and petition to join the Group.

Ultimately, the best way to participate anonymously is to go to the main website: Please bear in mind however that the “Recovery for Christ” site will be undergoing some changes within a month, so perhaps people might want to wait. The Recovery for Christ Facebook Page and Group will have news of any and all changes.

So, that’s it. To find the Page, type in the Search box “Recovery for Christ”, or email me at or I can also add you to the Group. Group members can also invite people to the new Group.

Any questions, email me at either address above.

Thank you!”

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