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I have been running the Matt Talbot Way of Recovery email discussion group on Yahoo since December 2011, and like past endeavors of mine to establish a Catholic-based recovery discussion community, it has its busy times and ghost-town echo chamber times. I am debating on whether or not to shut it down. Since it is hardly used, it would be one less thing for me to keep track of. If it was busy, and had other moderators, I’d be keeping it around. So…

There are no immediate plans to do either, but as a way of transitioning to something new, I have done two things: revive the Matt Talbot Way of Recovery on Google+ by soliciting assistance (and getting it!!!!) and inviting people to join; and create a Matt Talbot Way of Recovery Group on Facebook.

There are differences between the two, and these reflect some differences between Facebook and Google+. The Facebook Group is “Secret,” meaning that you cannot find it in Facebook Search, nor can access it via the URL. Only members can see it and see what is posted in it. I decided to create it as a Secret Group as the alternatives may be too “privacy-invasive” and anonymity-threatening to some people. A “Closed” Facebook Group, for example, is searchable and findable by non-members, and non-members can see who is in it. Still, a threat to anonymity as people on Facebook associate with family, friends and co-workers and may still not want the current or past addiction known. So, if you’re on Facebook and would like to join, your alcoholism would still be kept secret from anyone else.

In order to be a member of the Facebook Group, you have to be added to it by an owner/moderator. So far, that is just me, and for me to add you, you have to be my Friend on Facebook. Here I am on Facebook and after getting there, send me a Friend request along with a message as to why you’re befriending me.

The Matt Talbot Way of Recovery on Google+ is a “Private” Community, meaning it is searchable and findable by people looking for such a thing, but non-members cannot see who is in it, nor what is posted there. I tested this by asking my wife to look for it. She found it, but just saw Matt’s picture and the Community name, with an “Ask to Join” button for prospective members to click on.

In order to be a member of the Google+ Community, go here: Matt Talbot Way of Recovery on Google+. Click on the “Ask to Join” button and you’ll be approved (or maybe not 😉 ) by myself or the other guy who moderates it.

Why possibly kill off the Yahoo Group only to create the MTW on FB and G+? I spend a lot of time on the two social networks and it is easier for me to keep an eye on them and participate. If the MTW on these nets follows the path of previous endeavors, I am less likely to shut it down for lack of use. Unless I abandon G+ and FB (unlikely), as long as I am a member, the MTW will remain alive there.

New requests to join the MTW on Yahoo may be met with requests to just join it on FB and/or G+.

If you’re a new member of the MTW on Facebook or Google+, I can use moderating (and promoting) help!

Know someone, perhaps yourself, who might like Catholic devotionals for alcoholics? Please take a look at my books! (Thank you!!)

"The Recovery Rosary: Reflections for Alcoholics and Addicts"

and "The Stations of the Cross for Alcoholics"


  1. I agree its hard to keep track of all the social media accounts. Google plus wants me to add my website which is already associated with my personal account…to much work. I don’t know how people market multiple accounts promoting the same webpage or group. I asked for your friendship on facebook and my main page for blogging is so please invite me to your facebook groups. Thank-you!

    • I see your Friend request. Please bear in mind that the Matt Talbot Way is Catholic-centered and focused. It will remain so as there is plenty of non-Catholic addiction- and alcohol-recovery Groups out there. Are you Catholic or are comfortable with a Catholic Group?

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