Getting on into Lent

Today is the Second Sunday of Lent (which is odd as Sundays aren’t considered as a part of Lent 😉 ) As I have been dutifully blogging at least once a day during this Lenten season of 2015, which is something I intend to do yearly, but typically fall short, I just thought I’d write up a brief Sunday post, especially as I couldn’t come up with anything from the Sunday Mass readings to use for a post.

So, how’s your Lent going? Being penitential? Feeling more distanced from your sinful past and are closer to God? No? Good! That means that Satan is attacking and not liking what you’re doing. It isn’t about a “feeling” anyway. If you are making a solid effort at eliminating/reducing character defects and sinful behavior, then you probably are “feeling” like you’re not making much progress. Keep it up! The Lord will shower you with graces to stengthen you on your journey.

Whatever you’re doing, continue. Even if it’s just a small effort, as long as progress is made. Carry on!

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