Sacred Heart of Jesus

Today is the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, an ancient and popular devotion amongst Catholics. The Sacred Heart is also important to alcoholics in recovery, as those who know AA history are aware that Sister Ignatia of St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, Ohio, (who worked closely with Dr. Bob, the co-founder of AA) gave out “Sacred Heart Badges” to those alkies who were successfully treated there. From it came the AA tradition of “chips”or coins marking periods of sobriety.

An example of a Sacred Heart Badge:



Image courtesy of Roman Catholic Sacramentals Foundation

Romans 8: 35-39 “Then who will separate us from the love of Christ? Tribulation? Or anguish? Or famine? Or nakedness? Or peril? Or persecution? Or the sword?

For it is as it has been written: “For your sake, we are being put to death all day long. We are being treated like sheep for the slaughter.”

But in all these things we overcome, because of him who has loved us.

For I am certain that neither death, nor life, nor Angels, nor Principalities, nor Powers, nor the present things, nor the future things, nor strength, nor the heights, nor the depths, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

The Sacred Heart represents Jesus’ love for us, and our devotion to it represents our returning that love, our offering of ourselves as sacrifices to make reparation for sins against Jesus (blasphemy, sacrilege, indifference).

How can YOU do this? By consecrating yourself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus! You can read the prayer on EWTN’s site, go here: Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I have written previously about the Sacred Heart, check the Sacred Heart Post Archives out to learn more!

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  1. I keep a few medallions in my wallet and give them as chip replacement while telling others the story of Sister Ignatia. Few know Bill Wilson’s catechist was Bishop Fulton Sheen and his sponsor was a Jesuit priest.
    In the Calix Society we give sacred hearts on anniversaries!

    • You are referring to Fr. Dowling, I think. He must have been his second sponsor, his first was Ebby T. I have the book on Sr. Ignatia (I belive it’s called “Angel of Alcoholics Anonymous,” or something close to that.)

      Thanks for commenting, and letting us know about the Calix practice.

  2. W.o.w. The consecration to the sacred heart was amazing! Thanks for doing this blog. It may be the only thing that actually helps me in my attempts at sobriety…you are certainly doing God’s work here. Just wanted you to know.

    • Thanks Gary! I appreciate your comments. Try exploring the Sacred Heart Devotion, there are links in the sidebar, as well as a similar, more recent devotion, called “Divine Mercy.” More links on that in the sidebar! My Mon’s praying of the Divine Mercy Chaplet lead me back into the Church.

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