Fatima Apparition of 13 September 1917

By the time of the fifth Apparition in September, the popularity (or notoriety) of the event was growing. On the 13th of September, 30,000 people had gathered in the Cova de Iria to witness whatever was to happen. The secular, anti-clerical atheistic press ramped up their ridicule.

After the usual question posed to Mary about what she wants, the seers were exhorted to continue to pray the Rosary. Otherwise, it seemed that all that happened was the seers asked questions about certain individuals and whether intercessions for them will be answered. (Some will, some won’t. An important consideration to be aware of when you pray, never assume your prayer will be answered in the manner you wish.)

After a final reminder to return for the final apparition on October 13th, Mary disappeared back to Heaven.

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