Octave of Easter

This week we are in the Octave of Easter. This means that Easter is celebrated for eight days. This is evident to anyone who prays the Liturgy of the Hours (link from Universalis way up above posts) as parts of Morning and Evening Prayers are taken from Easter Sunday.

Imagine a holiday that last for 8 days.

As sober alcoholics we do not need to drink during that holiday. Imagine back in the days of our drinking the very idea of us celebrating anything for 8 days and doing it without drinking. Impossible.

This is the new life we have, the new life as sober alcoholics. Just as Christ’s Resurrection on that Easter morning 20 centuries ago gave all of humanity the potential for eternal life in Heaven, our Resurrection on our own Easter morning, whenever our last drink was, gave us the freedom to choose that eternity with Him. We have a new life in Christ.

Live it wisely, and soberly.

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