A true, abiding Christian faith should hold up under whatever circumstances that the individual finds his- or herself in.

A faith that gives peace when things are going well is fine, but a truer measure of the depth of the faith is what happens when you find yourself in trouble or in a serious disturbance.

Does the faith flee from you? In other words, when things are tough do you cast it aside? Is it because the faith becomes inconvenient or just that it is not well-developed and cannot handle to stress and pressure?

If it is the former, a matter of inconvenience, then it was a weak or false faith. Anyone can believe and be devoted when times are good.

If it is the latter, unable to handle the trouble, then perhaps the situation was permitted to occur by God as a test of that faith. Meaning, that God permitted the situation to happen so that you can strengthen your faith for later struggles.

Consider trials and tribulations as “training” for battles later on. Each struggle toughens you for the road ahead.

Do not worry if you collapse and sin. Just pick yourself up, pray, go to Confession and resolve to do better next time.

This is how saints are made.

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