Five Smooth Stones

An excerpt from the First Reading from today’s Mass:

1 Samuel 17:40

Then, staff in hand, David selected five smooth stones from the wadi and put them in the pocket of his shepherd’s bag.

In his homily, the priest at a parish I attend had said that the reference to a particular number of stones was significant. Why five? Many have postulated that the 5 smooth stones are foreshadowing the 5 wounds of Christ on the Cross. (Each hand, each foot and the spear which pierced Him). Just as Jesus defeated Satan and sin on the Cross through His wounds suffered, David whacked the Israelite enemy with 5 stones. David is a precursor to Jesus, a King from whose line the Messiah will come.

The priest further went on to say that each of us can have “5 smooth stones” that we can use to defeat our enemies, or just the forces of the World that seek to keep us prisoners to it. Or, in our case, slaves of addiction.

What are your 5 smooth stones? The priest said his was the Bible, the Catechism, Mass and the Eucharist, personal prayer and his family. I would say the first four are also mine, but would substitute my fiancee for family (got family issues) .

So, what’s in your shepherd’s bag?

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