Novena to St. Joseph for Alcoholics: Day 6

On this sixth day of the novena, we pray:

St. Joseph: “O glorious Saint Joseph, an angel on earth, thou didst marvel to see the King of Heaven obedient to thy commands, but thy consolation in bringing Jesus out of the land of Egypt was troubled by thy fear of Archelaus; nevertheless, being assured by the Angel, thou didst dwell in gladness at Nazareth with Jesus and Mary.

By this thy sorrow and this thy joy, obtain for us that our hearts may be delivered from harmful fears, that so we may rejoice in peace of conscience and may live in safety with Jesus and Mary, and, like unto thee, may die in their company.

Now recite the Our Father…, the Hail Mary…, and then the Glory be…”

(Via Inter Mirifica.)

Not everyone can “dwell in gladness”. Homelessness is oftentimes the result of addiction. We cannot treat our addiction, either through stubborn pride or weak will, or lack of recognizing when someone is trying to help. Or a host of reasons beyond the victim’s power. Nevertheless, the addict loses everything and winds up on the street, dependent upon the kindness of strangers or charitable organizations.

Perhaps this is when many “hit bottom”, and make the decision that not drinking may just be better than drinking. It is then that the veil may be removed from their eyes and they see the help that is available.

Pretty much everyone who is an addict faces homelessness. Many manage to avoid it. For those who cannot, we pray:

Oh, Lord, look with favor upon those suffering from the indignity of homelessness. May they seek shelter where it is available and may the hearts of those who can provide assistance be softened to see past their immediate situation and recognize in the homeless the truth that they also are adopted children of God and thus provide for their needs. We pray that the homeless may then take their place as valuable members of society and contribute to building up the Kingdom of God on Earth. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord.

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