Let the words pour forth

The 17th verse of Psalm 51 is also the beginning of the Church’s prayer day in the Divine Office (See the Universalis link at the top of the page, should be a yellowish bar.)

Psalm 51:17: “Lord, open my lips; my mouth will proclaim your praise.”

(Via USCCB.)

Every day the Church begins her prayer with a petition for the Lord to enable the prayerful to sing God’s praises. In this verse, the penitent continues to show their gratitude for the Lord’s work in their lives. A daily reminder for the penitent, as we all begin the day anew. And in our start each day, what do we remind ourselves? Gratitude and love for the Lord, Who saves us from ourselves. Each day is a new beginning, a new chance to grow closer to God, but also a new chance to mess things up again.

The practice of daily prayer, particularly in the beginning, enables us to start the day right, with a proper orientation to the divine.

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