Sister Ignatia of Alcoholics Anonymous

Aleteia has a good article on Sister Ignatia: The Catholic nun behind Alcoholics Anonymous

Sr. Ignatia assisted AA co-founder “Dr. Bob” Smith at St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, OH in AA’s early years. She was of tremendous help in developing a treatment program for alcoholics, probably the pioneer in such matters.

Sr. Ignatia was also responsible for what became the AA tradition of giving “chips” or medallions to people who have passed sobriety milestones (one day, 30 days, etc.). She gave Sacred Heart badges to people upon the completion of their hospitalization.

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  1. Yes she gave out a blessed item “The Sacred Heart Badge” which carried a blessing, making it a blessed object and the spiritual benefits that it would bring with it. The plastic chips ore just that, plastic chips. now if it keeps someone sober Great, but the blessing has much more meaning.

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