Where I’m at

Well, I was going to try and catch up on some overdue blogging and wrap up this month devoted to the Blessed Mother by finishing up a draft post about a wonderful book I have on a Marian devotion, but unfortunately the website where you can purchase the book appears to be offline. It’ll have to remain in draft mode until I can found out about the publisher. (It’s a book that basically convinced me to consecrate this blog to the Blessed Virgin.)

So, just an arbitrary, gratuitous post about various things, kind of like a “Where I’m at” post.

OK, so “Where am I at?”

I’ve gotten deeper into appreciating the Tridentine Rite Mass. As I’ve blogged before in Spiritual progression, Latin style that I started attending the Mass in the Extraordinary Form (The “Latin Mass,” or “TLM.”) I’ve attended six so far. I’ve taken to studying the Missal I’m using to get a better understanding of the Mass and its parts and also what to do. The Missal, known as the Saint Andrew Daily Missal, is one of the best available, according to various online opinions. It is a bit dated, using as it does the Roman Calendar as of 1945, rather than the 1962 Calendar approved for use by Pope Benedict XVI in 2007 in Summorum Pontificum. Nevertheless, from what I have learned, it is essentially accurate if all you are doing is attending Sunday Masses; if you are blessed enough to reside in an area that offers a daily Mass in the Extraordinary Form, it may be less useful. Some feast days were moved around or added, and the Holy Week liturgies were changed from 1955 and again in 1960 or 1961. Where it excels is in the copious notes for each Sunday and Feast day; very informative catechesis on the history and liturgy of the day, as well as doctrinal notes. These beautifully illuminate the background of the Mass. You develop a love for the Church in Her development throughout history as well as a love for the liturgy.

And as I said in that blogpost I linked to, it has caused me to stay offline more than usual, apart from checking into Facebook, etc.

What else am I doing? Spending more time on my novel. No, I’m not saying anything about the plot. 😛 Since Winter is finally over, I’m spending more time outside, doing yardwork and getting my vegetable garden ready. Planting is planned for this Sunday and/or Monday, weather permitting.

OK, that’s all for now about me.

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