How are the four daily Rosaries coming along?

About a month ago I posted about reciting Four Daily Rosaries so that the Blessed Virgin Mary can assist with your needs. I state the intention in the following manner: “Blessed Mother (or Momma Mary or some other affectionate reference) this is the (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,) Rosary I’m saying today so that your intentions regarding my intentions and needs come true.”

It has been awesome. For one thing, it hasn’t been difficult. Prayer manipulates time; time seems to expand to accommodate prayer life, I always seem to have the time to say them. The Rosary only takes 15-20 minutes, saying all four then takes maybe an hour to an hour and a quarter. You needn’t say them all in a row, you can break them up over the day. Twenty minutes here, twenty minutes there. You waste that much with mindless crap all the time, fill it up with a Rosary instead!

I won’t say that I am perfect as a result; that I walk around all serene and holy and whatnot. I do feel different, though. More strength and fortitude to deal with life’s junk. More faith in Divine Providence. I feel closer to Our Lord and Lady.

This is just after a month; I can only imagine the cumulative effect over time!

By the way, I haven’t missed a day, either! (Not boasting, just stating facts.)

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