Septuagesima Season: Lenten preparation

Yesterday was Septuagesima Sunday according to the Liturgical calendar for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (The so-called “Tridentine Rite,” or “Latin Mass” people.)

Septuagesima is a distinct Liturgical season in the Church, observed everywhere within it prior to 1970. It is essentially a time of preparation for Lent. The Church considers Lent such an important season that we have 17 days to plan and prepare for how we will best make use of it. How will we try and get the most out of it, spiritually and personally?

Lent happens to be the period when I blog the most, given that this blog is about spiritual development and growing closer to God (mostly with regard to maintaining sobriety.) Last year I started attending a Latin Mass, and that has become the chief means by which I worship.”Tradition” is slowly creeping into this blog. 😉

So, what are your plans for Lent? Start thinking now! Perhaps Septuagesima is a time when you can “get out of the way” certain things that you’ll fast from. (For example, I have a few hours to myself this afternoon, I was planning on making headway through a binge-watching of an old science-fiction TV series, “Firefly,” as I am thinking of giving up DVD watching for Lent. I changed my mind and instead am blogging and doing some other online work.)

Septuagesima can be when you think about Lent, figure out those areas in your spiritual and religious life where you need improvement. In short, perhaps a “trial run” of your Lenten practices so that when Lent does start, time isn’t wasted.

I am considering fasting from social media and perhaps DVD watching. There’s too much noise and drama on social networks, and some people can be toxic. There is something to consider; the time spent on social media can be used to do other things I’ve neglected.

(Bear in mind, Sundays are not considered a part of Lent, so I may “catch up” then. Or perhaps not…)

Much to think about.

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