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If you have an Apple or Android device (phone or tablet) I highly recommend that you get (if you haven’t already) the iPieta app. It is as comprehensive as one can imagine repository of all sorts of Catholic goodies, available right at your fingertips. I’ve had it for a while but yesterday when I opened it I noticed that there was new material to donwload into it, namely Dom Gueranger’s “The Liturgical Year.” This is an epic journey through the Catholic liturgical year, exploring the lives of the saints as well as the historical and doctrinal importance of the season or day. The series in book form runs in the teens of voilumes and costs many hundreds of US dollars; but it’s free in digital form in iPieta! “The Liturgical Year” was read every night in the Martin home by St. Louis Martin to his daughters, all of whom became religious sisters and one a saint (St. Therese of Lisieux.) Excerpts from “The Liturgical Year” make a part of the notes introducing each Sunday Mass as well as the liturgical season in the St. Andrew Daily Missal.

iPieta has Butler’s Lives of the Saints, the entire collection of Church Father’s writings, several catechisms, the Catholic Encyclopedia (1913), Douay-Rheims Bible, prayers and devotions of all sorts, papal writings from the past 500 years… It is a compendium of pretty much everything a Catholic needs. Yesterday I dived into Gueranger’s entry for Sept 30 and thus learned much about St. Jerome; Butler’s Live of the Saint’s entry for the day had additional material. I learned more about St. Jerome in one hour than I ever learned prior…

This is an incredible and invaluable resource. Why it’s free is a mystery as it’s worth a lot of cash. I cannot recommend this enough!


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