TO SLAKE A THIRST: The Matt Talbot Way to Sobriety IS BACK IN PRINT!!!!

Many of you who have ‘been around’ awhile as practicing sober Catholics are devotees of Matt Talbot. Many of you know about, and even possess, the classic book on him which essentially is the ‘basic text’ of a Catholic sobriety movement entitled “To Slake a Thirst: The Matt Talbot Way to Sobriety” by Phillip Maynard. Well, I have wonderful news: IT IS BACK IN PRINT!!

Several years ago I had emailed the original publisher, Alba House, as to whether or not they were planning to reissue the book since they had let it go out-of-print. They sadly reported there were no plans to reissue it. Flash forward to today. I was planning a Sober Catholic post on the basic devotions and practices that constitute the “Sober Catholic Way.” I recalled Mr. Maynard’s book and wondered about its current status. The Society of St. Paul, as far as I can see, has taken over the Alba House catalog and has reissued it. I do not know when this happened, but I just discovered it today.

You can order it from this link: TO SLAKE A THIRST. Spread the word! 

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