Novena to St. Joseph for Alcoholics: Day 2

On this second day of the Novena to St.Joseph for Alcoholics, we pray:

St. Joseph: “O most blessed Patriarch, glorious Saint Joseph, who wast chosen to be the foster-father of the Word made flesh, thy sorrow at seeing the Child Jesus born in such poverty was suddenly changed into heavenly exultation when thou didst hear the angelic hymn, and didst behold the glories of that resplendent night.

By this thy sorrow and this thy joy, we implore thee to obtain for us the grace to pass over from life’s pathway to hear the angelic songs of praise, and to rejoice in the shining splendor of celestial glory.

Now recite the Our Father…, then the Hail Mary…, and finally the Glory be…”

(Via Inter Mirifica.)

It is no great shock or surprise that alcoholism destroys careers and lives. Poverty, caused by the loss of money, home and jobs, is the resulting condition for many.

It may take a while for the alcoholic to regain what was lost. Some of us never do. While many of us do return to employment, it may not be at the level we previously enjoyed. Economic challenges remain until we learn to adjust to a reduced standard of living or we learn new skills. Nevertheless some of us endure this period of suffering for a long time.

Some see it as a challenge. Not necessarily of one to overcome, but of one to adapt to. Once they have adapted to a new economic level of survival, that new life may be preferred to the old one. So, perhaps it is a challenge that was overcome.

For all those enduring poverty as a result of their addiction,we pray for their survival and for their ability to see whatever good that can come of it. Let it not be a wasted experience. We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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