Novena through St. Maximilian Kolbe – Day 2

Yesterday we began a Novena through St. Maximilian Kolbe. Please open a new tab or window in your browser and then go here . Read the prayer and after you’ve said it contemplate this:

The person who is trapped in addiction is now where you were. If you are not an addict, “There but for the grace of God” could you also have gone. If you are related, as in family ties, well, you share the same genes and studies have shown there is a genetic factor in addiction. Some dispute that, and I really don’t care why someone is an alcoholic or addict, I am just concerned that they are. I tend to agree with a genetic factor, inasmuch that addicts are different in some way, and perhaps a familial relationship may be something to consider if the addict is a relation.

So, while you are praying for the loved one, also consider your own chances, missed or yet to be. If there is no familial relationship, consider the addict’s family. They are also trapped, although in a different manner.

We are all connected, especially if we are baptized Christians. We are all members of the Body of Christ. If one member is sick, so are the others.

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