A wonderful book suggestion for you: My Ideal, Jesus, Son of Mary

I am going to recommend a book for my Sober Catholic readers; I’ve read it as a daily devotional several times already, especially during January, May and October.

It is My Ideal, Jesus, Son of Mary by Fr. Emile Neubert.

Written in the style of “The Imitation of Christ,” with a dialogue between Jesus and later Mary with the reader, the book contains 31 chapters, perfect for a month-long devotional (Fr. Neubert suggests which chapters to be combined for a 30-day month.) The book guides you along a path towards a closer union with Jesus by developing a relationship with His greatest disciple, His Mother Mary. Along the way you are instructed by Jesus at first about how to imitate His relationship with Mary, from learning how to adopt His filial love of Mary and then offering methods to devote yourself to her. Then Mary takes over and teaches you her methods of becoming a disciple of Jesus.

As you read along during the month, you gain invaluable knowledge of your relationship with Mary, seen in light of her Divine Maternity and her maternal intercession for each of us with her Son. You learn many devotional practices that assist you in growing closer to the Blessed Virgin, which, in turn, makes you a better disciple of Jesus. Since Mary was His greatest disciple, and we all go through her to get to Jesus (whether we know it or not), this book is indispensable in developing a closer relationship with Him as Our Lady teaches us the best methods of being a true follower of Christ. You learn various ways to help you make your apostolate (how you live out your vocation as a Christian due to your having been Confirmed.

All true, authentic devotions to Mary lead you to Jesus.

This book is not a product of a private revelation; the author, Fr. Emile Neubert, disseminates the teachings of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, the founder of the Sodalities of Mary, which today exist as the Society of Mary and the Daughters of Mary. See: Marianists.

Click here to order. (I do not get any compensation. I just think this is a great book and would like for you to get it.)

I said in the first paragraph that I’ve read it during January, May and October. The latter two months are great as they’re devoted to Mary. (May is Mary’s month and October is dedicated to the Rosary.) I also studied it during January since the 1st is the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God, and the 31st is my birthday. 🙂

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  1. Thank you for this recommendation. As moderator of an MI Village, I will be happy to give this book to our members, a great gift for the feast of the Assumption! I am also happy to know of the Academy and all it offers in books and CD’s for those devoted to Our Lady.

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