Sobriety in a Time of Pandemic

By now you have all learned from various sources that there is currently a global health crisis. The US Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have provided much information on the “COVID-19” Coronavirus, now declared to be a pandemic. I won’t go into the particulars here as that’s beyond the scope of this blog. Use your own judgment regarding credible information; be aware that there is considerable bogus “help” available online, from outright conspiracy theories regarding the origins and true nature of the threat, through fake cures and treatments.

It may be premature, but it does seem that we have lost our collective minds over the Coronavirus, given the reactions. Many may indeed be prudent reactions, but time will tell if the fear and panic being generated is justifiable or will cause greater harm that the virus itself.

Anyway, I urge typical sanitary precautions: wash your hands regularly, don’t cough and sneeze on people and eat right. Stuff you’re supposed to be doing but, hey, we all need reminders.

There is Spiritual Warfare currently being waged all around us; the degree to which this pandemic is related is debatable. But there are things we can do in the spiritual realm to help cope with the virus. Perhaps we can be protected, perhaps not (God only performs the miraculous when the mundane methods have run out). But prayer is never a waste of time and there are specific things we can do.

The following articles can point you in the right direction:
Saints to Call on in a Pandemic

Cure the Coronavirus: Prayers to 2 Incredible Saints Who Miraculously Defeated Plagues

There’s even a St. Corona, although she doesn’t have anything to do with diseases, plagues and pandemics.

This next article is a must read, it puts things in perspective regarding the balance of faith and reason and the degree to which one can rely of faith alone; it helps prevent one from completely becoming irresponsible even when you have the right intentions (i.e. what to do about Mass attendance when you’re sick. Yes? No?) Please read the entire article: Prudence and Pandemic: Considerations on Coronavirus.

So that’s all I have to say on the matter. Keep me in your prayers and I will pray for you, too. May we get through this…

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