Let there be Life

It’s all over the news, so I won’t post any links, but what has been known for months due to a leak has now become official: the utterly barbaric USA Supreme Court decision from 1973 known as ‘Roe vs Wade’ has been overturned by the current Supreme Court. Protection of the unborn now reverts to the States and the laws that were on the books in 1973, or laws passed afterwards that are set to be ‘triggered’ into effect once Roe v Wade was overturned

This is a great day for those who believe that life begins at conception and that all human life is sacred from womb to tomb. I am hoping that this will have a cumulative effect of propagating more ‘life affirming’ laws and actions: from extensive and comprehensive affordable healthcare, to a more defensive-oriented military policy (the US Armed Forces to be used only for the defense of the US, and not for military adventurism and the expansion of the ‘American Empire’), prison reform, labor and workplace protections, and so on down the line.

It is interesting that this Supreme Court decision became official on the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the traditional date for the Nativity of St. John the Baptist (who was an unborn child when he first heard the Word, Who was Himself an unborn child….)

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