A weakling and a failure

In today’s prayer from Universalis there is a fitting passage from the Old Testament that reaches out and gives hope to anyone who is caught in the despair and seemingly endless futility of an addiction:

Sirach 11:12-13: “Another goes his way a weakling and a failure, with little strength and great misery

Yet the eyes of the LORD look favorably upon him; he raises him free of the vile dust,

Lifts up his head and exalts him to the amazement of the many.”

(Via USCCB.)

We all felt this way. Weak, because it didn’t seem possible that we would ever be free of alcohol and/or drugs, and obviously a failure because of our wasted potential and opportunities. Quite often we would be reminded of these “facts” by the people around us.

Maintain hope in the midst of the burning and crashing disasters that surround you. Maintain hope despite yourself, for help from the Lord will arrive eventually.

There is a saying heard in the rooms of AA: “Don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle happens.” You never know just when someone or something will happen to you that provides the light needed to see the way out. Often, the help seemingly comes from out of nowhere.

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