Random thoughts on the Blessed Sacrament

Random thoughts that I have while sitting in my parish’s Adoration Chapel just looking at Him.

You are little…the World prefers big.
You are humble… the World demands pride.
You are meek… the World encourages arrogance.
You are still… the World is fast.
You are helpless… the World honors the strong.
You are mercy… the World teaches revenge.
You are forgiveness… the World nurtures resentment.
You are quiet… the World blares noise.
You are peace…the World is at war.
You are sacred… the World is profane.
You are trust… the World is in fear.

Some of these had been inspired by a daily devotional of Eucharistic readings, others just popped into my head while thinking about them.

Just sitting quietly, whether alone with Him or with others present, is enough to “set the day aright.” Consider spending time in front the Blessed Sacrament; whether He is exposed or reposed matters little. He is still there awaiting you and welcomes you no matter.

(Maybe you can add your own thoughts in a similar vein in the comments; better yet, if you have a blog do a similar post and I’ll link to it here! …hint-hint…)

(Image courtesy of My wife, Rose Santuci-Sofranko.

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