Worshipping and Adoring in a time of Pandemic

In my two previous posts, Sobriety in a Time of Pandemic and especially Faith in a time of Pandemic, I addressed several issues of interest to my Sober Catholic readers. In the last one I said that “This afternoon I’ll write one or two more posts on the matter.” Well, it’s the afternoon and here’s one of the posts. I also neglected to say exactly what I was going to actually blog about. This time, it’s “Worshipping and Adoring in a time of Pandemic.” Next post will be on Spiritual Communions.

I have found a number of websites that offer Mass online, in both the Ordinary Form and Extraordinary Form. In case anyone cannot get to Mass because they’ve been cancelled to the public or you have legitimate concerns about spreading the virus, I found a bunch of them. There are many others, so this list is not exhaustive. If you know of others, add them to the comments; I’ll try and check in daily and approve any, if needed.

EWTN dominates, because I love them and have a devotion to Mother Angelica; I also provided links to their TV and radio program schedules. They do broadcast Masses via radio, too. It might be available through your local Catholic radio station.

There are also links to a few other Catholic networks and parishes; also, I’ve added links to online Eucharistic Adoration site. Finally, links to some “apps.”


Live Daily TV Mass and Readings

EWTN TV Schedule

EWTN TV Show Lineup

EWTN Radio

EWTN Radio Shows Lineup

EWTN Radio Live

EWTN Radio schedule

Traditional Latin Mass:

LiveMass from an FSSP Parish

St. Mary’s of Pine Bluff

TLM Missal (to follow along! Divinum Officium

Other Masses in the Ordinary Form:

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Marytown (Libertyville, Illinois, USA)  and Marytown, YouTube Channel  Schedule: View the Friars’ private Masses Sunday at 9:00 am and Monday-Saturday at 12:00 Noon (Central Time-USA)

CatholicTV Sunday Masses with links to others

CatholicTV Mass Schedule

The Vatican News site has Papal Masses. See Vatican News for details.

St. Mary’s Parish, Navan, Ireland

For Canadians and those who love them 😉

Salt+Light TV Live

Salt+Light Schedule

Salt+Light TV Ways to Watch


Marytown (Libertyville, Illinois, USA)  and Marytown, YouTube Channel

EWTN Adoration Chapel

St. Mary’s Parish, Navan, Ireland

St. Martin of Tours Parish, Louisville, KY

No Masses, but they’re good, too:

Ave Maria Radio

Ave Maria Radio Schedule


Vatican Radio Schedule

Vatican TV

Vatican News

Device Apps:

Look these up on your device’s App Store (Android, iOS and Amazon Fire).


Ave Maria Radio App



CatholicTV Ways to Watch

So, there’s no reason not to remain connected to the Church and the Mass. It isn’t the same as physically being there and receiving Him in Communion, but it is better than nothing. You do receive graces.

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