St. Felix of Valois

Today is the feast day of St. Felix of Valois on the liturgical calendar for the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass. St. Felix was a hermit and a co-founder (with Saint John of Matha) of the Order of the Holy Trinity for the Redemption of Captives (a/k/a “The Trinitarians”). The Trinitarians were devoted to the mystery of the Holy Trinity as well as to the ransom of Christians taken captive by Moslems in their raiding along the Mediterranean coast of Europe in the 12th Century.

In the Collect (akin to the intercessory prayers of the common Mass)  we pray:

“O God, Who by heavenly inspiration graciously called forth blessed Felix, Your Confessor, from the desert to the work of ransoming captives; grant, we beseech You, that by his intercession, and liberated by Your grace from the captivity of our sins, we may be led into our heavenly fatherland.”

Source: Missale Meum.

I introduce you to this Saint particularly because the Collect prayer refers to our being “liberated by Your grace from the captivity of our sins.” Therefore I am adding St. Felix of Valois to our list of saints that can especially be called upon to assist in liberating us from our captivity to alcohol and addiction. I am aware that “captivity” in this sense is metaphorical as St.Felix had nothing to do with addictions. But nevertheless, captivity is captivity; whether we are enslaved to another human or enslaved to a drug, our dignity as human beings is degraded through the abuse we receive. It may be easier to escape from a human slave owner than an addiction; which may seem ridiculous, except to those who have been trapped in an addiction.

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