Psalms for sanity

I am blogging this in an Adoration Chapel; I’ve added a Holy Hour in addition to my usual one later in the week. I’m not boasting, I simply like Adoration and the Chapel isn’t too far from home.

While here I chose to read the Gradual Psalms. They are Psalms 120-135 (or 119-134 in Catholic Bibles translated ftom the Latin Vulgate, such as the Douay-Rheims or Knox.)

While reading them, I am finding them to be quite applicable in these pandemic times. They express hope and trust in God’s providence, protection and mercy; joy in His help and gladness in coming to His temple.

I suggest that you read them in order; there is a certain sequence to them. They are called “Gradual” or “Songs of Ascent” because pilgrims recited them as they ascended the old Temple in Jerusalem.

Take out your Catholic Bible and turn to the Psalms. Try reading the Graduals. Pethaps afterwards, especially if you are not too familiar with the Book of Psalms, look through them. They form the prayer books of the Church, and countless saints found peace, joy and comfort in them.

There are psalms for virtially every emotional state you could possibly have.

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